Rania Remoundou
My inspiration emerges from various stimuli and life experiences.

Events that produce all sorts of strong feelings along with the close rapport with free-minded people are my inexhaustible source of creating new works of art.

There is always a profound need as well as a constant motivation to express myself through painting.
This precise process transforms me into a determined professional artist guided by the extensive experience in interior design and the field of textile design.

I apply my aptitude for hand painting to produce exceptional work and develop designs based on ideas for textiles both in fashion and interior design industry.

Moreover, this is realized when converting my original artwork of hand-painted patterns and digital prints into numerous products.
Though self-employed I collaborate with colleagues and clients, designing patterns upon request.

With reference to this, some of my top priorities are to better meet each customer's needs, deliver the work on time and be informed about all the latest trends in fashion.

Download my resume here.